Tips for Working from Home & Staying In

Our daily lives have been drastically changed due to the current situation.  Many of us will be working from home and spending more time staying in than ever before.  Today, we will be detailing several helpful tips to make things easier as we adjust to our new routines.

Our home life and work life used to be separated by location.  Now they are merging, but it is still important to designate an area in your home for working and not be tempted to work from the areas of your space that you typically relax in.  Converting a spare room, or section of a developed basement into an office space that you only go to during working hours is a great way to help you maintain a work-life balance when those two aspects of your life share a space.

When creating your new work space, it's important to decorate it with things that will bring you happiness throughout your day.  Adding a few plants or personal decorations, perhaps photos of friends and family, are a good way to create a work space that is easy to spend time in.  Have necessities near by as well in order to allow you to be less tempted to leave the space to get something you might need.  Your favourite mug of coffee and a good lip balm are our recommendations to take care of this.

As we spend more hours of the day in our home, and less time travelling to and from work, the opportunity to learn a new skill, try a new hobby, or finish a project you haven't previously had the time for presents itself.  We love the idea of trying out cooking up some of your favourite restaurants' recipes since you can't dine out in this moment.  Online work out classes such as barre, pilates and yoga, are another good way to spend your new found time.  It's important to maintain your physical health always, but especially in this moment.

In order to maintain your mental health during a stressful situation, we have previously posted an article outlining some of our favourite meditation apps.  These are good tools to help relax your mind and ease anxieties.  Check out our favourites!  Other ways you can help yourself is by video calling your friends and family in order to not feel isolated while you are staying in.  Additionally, try out some spa-like treatments in your home to truly pamper yourself and momentarily escape a stressful situation.  Our organic lip scrubs are just one of the many options for this that are available online and can be shipped directly to your front door.  Finally, checking out a series of shows or audio books that you've had your eye (or ear) on is a good way to spend some of your extra time and offer the added benefit of a mental escape to another world.

We hope that you have enjoyed these tips.  Stay well everyone!