Four Meditation Apps You Have Got to Try

Meditation is important in today’s fast paced world.  It helps you to combat anxiety, sleep deeply during the night, concentrate during the day, and offers other health benefits like lowering your blood pressure.  We have gathered four meditation apps worth trying and provided our personal strategy for using them below.  The applications are easy to use and can help to reduce the stress in your life:


Headspace is the most well-known meditation app and often the first one beginners try when starting this practice.  It is free, which allows you to try meditation for yourself without worry.  The personalized plans it builds based on a few questions you answer are a great way to dip your toe into the world of meditation and go from there.


As the name implies, the main purpose of this app is for calming down when experiencing stress.  This app offers everything from bedtime stories to calming natural sounds and even breathing exercises. The app also includes basic mindfulness practices, and allows for sorting the sessions by time (3-30 minutes).  There are both free and paid versions ($60 annual fee).  Calm was even Apple’s 2017 app of the year!

10% Happier 

10% Happier is the follow-up to Dan Harris’ #1 New York Times bestselling memoir.  This app is targeted to those who are interested in sharpening their mind rather than healing their souls.  The app provides a variety of options based on mood and offers choices such as winding down, de-stress and gratitude.  It offers a free 7 day series, and has an annual fee of $100 afterwards.


Inscape is one of the New York’s most elite meditation studios, and they are experts when it comes to mindfulness and meditation. This app features various well-researched guided meditations from experts, a daily journal to track sessions and a self-timer feature to count minutes spent meditating.  They offer a 14 day free trial, with monthly subscriptions afterwards starting at $10.


A great way to use a meditation app is to do so right before bed so you can disconnect and relax after a long day.  Before firing up your favourite app, we recommend applying Nat’s Lavender Lip Balm, made with 100% organic ingredients, so that you can safely condition your lips at the same time as your mind.  The scent helps you to relax and lavender is known to promote a good night's sleep.  This nighttime routine is the perfect addition to any healthy lifestyle!

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