Retain The Moisture In Your Lips

Lack of moisture leads to a lot of our lip troubles.  To keep the moisture in your lips, first drink plenty of water to keep hydrated and avoid licking them.  If you have the bad habit of licking your lips a lot, it can cause your lips to become really dry.  Change this habit as soon as possible!  

Also, keep a moisturizing lip balm handy for frequent application as it protects and conditions your lips.  Our lip balms lock in the moisture!  In addition, you need to exfoliate your lips periodically to remove dead skin cells for better results.

Eating good food rich in vitamins and minerals will help as well to keep your lips in great shape.  A quick tip to hydrate your lips in a natural way is cutting a slice of cucumber and leaving it on your lips for 5 minutes. 

Finally, don’t forget to wear a scarf over your mouth when you go outside this winter to protect your lips from the cold air and wind.