Overnight Beauty Hacks

A great time to moisturize your hair and skin is while you sleep.  You can actually improve the health of your lips, hair and eye lashes by using natural products overnight. 

Before going to sleep follow these steps:

  1. Apply a couple drops of organic olive oil to the ends of your hair and let it stay overnight.  It hydrates your hair and makes it longer.
  2. Apply your favourite Nat’s lip balm flavour and let it moisturize your lips throughout the night, making them lush and plump the next day.  It will also make you feel pampered while you sleep.
  3. Apply some organic castor oil to your eye lashes.  It encourages the lash growth overnight and keeps them healthy. 
  4. Plug in a humidifier.  It will keep your lips and skin hydrated while you sleep.

It's important to mention that before this quick overnight routine, don't forget to remove your makeup and do your nighttime face cleaning and skin care routine even if you are exhausted.  The oils and dirt that naturally build up over the course of the day get trapped when you don't remove your make up and clean your face causing skin irritation, breakouts and premature signs of aging.